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โ„น๏ธ Information

Enter your email to create an account (or link the event to your existing account) โ€“ after submission, you will be automatically logged in and have access to the Event Dashboard to manage all your events and attendees.

Choose โ€œOfficialโ€, if the event is a church organised activity. Choose โ€œUnofficialโ€, if itโ€™s an event that you personally are organising, for example you want to go on a hike and are looking for some friends to join you.

If you need to know who is attending, you have the option to do so right here, and manage the submissions afterwards in the Event Dashboard. Just leave the tick at โ€œSign up not Requiredโ€ unselected and choose at โ€œAttendee Information to collectโ€ which information you need from your attendees. Please let us know if you need additional options of information to collect.

After submitting your event, please be aware that it first needs to be checked by the Rising Generation team. Make sure that the pictures you submit do not violate any sort of Copyright.

Need help or have questions with submitting an event? Click here to get in touch!

Event Details

Maximum file size: 128 MB.
Based on selected fields, you will collect information from the attendee