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Caring for those in need

Principle 2

Caring for those in need includes:

  • Serving and ministering to individuals, families, and communities.
  • Sharing resources with those in need.
  • Helping others become self-reliant.

The Rising Generation want to have an impact on society – to make a difference. They want service in the community to be part of their discipleship. They want the Rising Generation to be involved in community outreach.

As the Rising Generation serve others, they will develop Christlike attributes, build relationships, think less about their personal situation, experience real joy, and increase sensitivity to the Holy Ghost. We grow spiritually, socially, physically, intellectually – as we give meaningful service to others.

Every community is unique and will have different needs. Community Outreach should be simple and meet the needs of those in that community. What works in one locality, may not be needed in another. The Rising Generation will lead Community Outreach in their area, but they will involve others. It may include some of the following - religion classes, mentoring the youth, service, family history, refugee outreach, cultural arts, community classes, skill sharing, temple preparation, recreational activities, mindfulness, personal development etc.

Community Outreach

JustServe ( is a valuable resource for community service opportunities. The Rising Generation can help introduce this across Europe. YA can serve as JustServe specialists.


Area sponsored YA conferences align with one or more of the four divine responsibilities. Some area conferences may take a social impact approach because the power of service is one of the best connectors we have. Service and the opportunity to really impact communities will enhance gathering, authenticity, belonging and discipleship. YA will lead the social impact conference planning; they can discuss and consider the inspired questions found in the ‘YA Conference Principles’.

Social Impact Conferences