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Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Principle 1

Living the gospel of Jesus Christ includes:

  • Exercising faith in Christ, repenting daily, making covenants with God as we receive the ordinances of salvation and exaltation, and enduring to the end by keeping those covenants (see 3.5.1 in handbook).
  • Learning and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ at home and at church.
  • Becoming self-reliant in providing for ourselves and our families, both spiritually and temporally.

It also involves:

  • Knowing and believing in your eternal identity and purpose
  • Deepening your conversion to Jesus Christ
  • Receiving personal revelation
  • Developing personally
  • Being worthy to attend the temple
  • Using scripture study and prayer to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost.

Gospel learning will help the Rising Generation to Hear Him, increase faith in Jesus Christ and embrace the gift of His Atonement.

Gospel Learning

Young adults and missionaries can help mentor the youth. They can use the four areas of growth from the Children and Youth program and adapt as needed. They help youth believe, belong, and become.


Local leaders learn to trust and rely on the Rising Generation. They let them lead. Stake leaders prioritise and value the Rising Generation.


The Rising Generation need each other. A new shared community will provide communication that encourages them to be a positive force in the Church and their communities.